Our People

Please give a huge thank you to all the volunteers who make the Trek CXC Cup a reality as each and every one plays a huge role in making this event a success. In particular we would like to thank the volunteer staff who stepped up to take on leadership roles as the race would never happen without them.

Founder and Race Director
Renee Callaway

Founder and Chief of Start Area
JP Ericsson

Chief of Operations
Dave Bell

Registration Coordinators
Ian Prust, Shawn Bass

Registration Wizard
Marcie Weiss

Volunteer Coordinator
Carl Bakker

Course Crossings Coordinators
Kate Konkle, Gary Baisa

Chiefs of Course
Travis Braun, Greg Ferguson, David Blodgett, Zak Redding

Chief of Event Support
Grant Coisman

Awards and Podium Coordinators
Ariana Mankerian, Beth Rice

Dave Towle, Brian Rybarik, Zach Schuster

Additional Volunteers
It takes about 100 volunteers to keep the Trek CXC Cup running. We would love your help. We have a wide array of jobs with no experience required. Please help keep this race going and sign up to help today. Sign up online.